About Us:

      Opulence Design Studio LLC. is a full-service beauty salon owned by two best friends from Detroit, the birthplace of Motown. The African American women brought their dream of business ownership to life by combining their love of creating living art for their clients in the service of hairstyling, makeup artistry, and nail creations thus; building their own empire by first, opening a Salon called “Opulence Design Studio” then moving forward with “Opulence Design Studio II”. In the beginning, both women started with successful Corporate jobs. Later, they decided to collaborate and take the world by storm by marching to their own beat or should we say “Brand.” Plus,  these two ladies, also plan to break into new territory by expanding their brand into other areas such as creating their own Make-up Line, Hair Care Products and even tapping into the Wine/Perfume Industry.  These two entrepreneurs plan to incorporate their sense of style into every brand they own so when you see the name “Opulence,” you can only think of Robin and Nichole.